25 Jun 2020
Red Oak

When to Call for Tree Removal: Are Red Oak Roots Invasive? What About Other Invasive Trees?

Florida is home to over 500 invasive plant and animal species, and estimates state that it costs roughly $100 million a year to manage these aliens. Fortunately, red oaks are not on this list. Red oaks are spectacular trees, reaching heights of over 70 feet and sporting bright ruby-colored leaves each fall. However, thanks to the size and structure of these magnificent giants, they can cause problems for homeowners. If you are googling 'are red oak roots invasive'—you're probably already aware of some of these! Fortunately, there is no better place to get the deep dive on red oak trees than with your resident Venice, FL tree experts, so read on. You're about to find out everything you need to know about the root systems of red oaks (as well as other invasive trees). Are Red Oak Roots Invasive? Yes, They Are! While red oaks are not invasive—their roots sure are! To anchor themselves, these giants send out lateral roots that can span an area 4-7 times that of their crown. This is far greater than the average spread of tree roots, which is approximately 2-3 times the radius of most canopies. So what does this mean for your property? Because red oak roots extend so far out from the tree itself, this means they can suck in water and nutrients from a very large area. While this is great for the tree, your surrounding garden may take a hit. Nearby trees, shrubs, and plants will likely get fewer nutrients and water, which can impact their ability to thrive. What's more, if...

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17 May 2020
Tree Removal Venice, FL

Tree Removal in Venice, FL

What if being made in the shade was a bad thing? When you have unwanted trees around your home or business in Venice, FL, you'll want to ditch the shade by ditching the tree entirely. But do you know where to start when it comes to proper tree removal? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about removing trees in Venice! Complex Laws Let's start with the bad news. The first thing you should know about tree removal in Venice is that the laws are very complex. If you want to cut your own trees down, you'll most likely need a permit based on the size of the tree. This is one reason why people often hire tree removal services: doing so means you won't have to spend the time and effort it takes to get a permit. The law also protects certain types of trees more than others. You'll need a permit to remove palm trees regardless of their size. And while you can remove certain "nuisance" species without paying extra fees, those will still require a permit. In fact, unless you're taking out a citrus tree on your own, a permit is a "must-have." The Permit Process Remember when we mentioned that snagging a permit takes time and effort? Here's what you'll need to do if you want a permit of your own. First, you need to fill out the relevant online application. This helps the city gather important info about both you and the tree you're hoping...

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13 Apr 2020
Tree Removal

Top 9 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Tree Service Care in 2020

Trees are an important part of your landscape. A well-manicured yard and beautiful trees add value to your home. To protect your home and property, you should hire a reputable tree service for all your tree needs. Working with trees takes planning, proper equipment, and expertise to avoid injuring people and property. If you need tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, or regular maintenance, don't try to do it yourself. Before you hire a professional tree service, you want to make sure they're the right fit for you. Here are 9 questions you should ask when hiring tree removal services. 1. How Long Have You Been in Business Everyone has to start somewhere, but you don't want an inexperienced tree company working on your property. Tree work can be dangerous, so make sure the service you choose has a fair amount of experience and a good track record. Be sure to talk to your friends and neighbors and look at online reviews before making a decision to hire someone. The lawn service industry has many unqualified people who go door-to-door looking for work. You want to avoid pop up businesses and go with a reputable company instead. Paying a little more for quality work is worth it in the long run. 2. What Services Do You Offer Don't hesitate to ask questions before hiring a tree service. Find out what services they offer. Ask about the services they do the most on a day-to-day basis. Find out if they do work in the local area...

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20 Mar 2020

Tree Removal Legal Procedures

What if your landscape was turning your life into a Shakespearean tragedy? Shakespeare's Macbeth received a prophecy that he wouldn't be defeated until a forest came right to his castle. He felt quite safe right until he looked outside and saw that the enemy had hidden behind trees and marched right to his gates! You probably don't have an enemy army coming for your head. But your home may be surrounded by a ton of trees. Do you know how to remove them without violating the tree laws of Venice, FL? With our complete guide, you'll be able to take those trees down to size and enjoy the view from your window. Forget the tragedy because your tree drama is going to have a happy ending! Call City Hall When you want to remove a tree, the first thing you should do is make a call. Why? Because it will save you a lot of time to go ahead and contact the city hall or, barring that, a professional landscaper. The main reason to do this is that you are forbidden from cutting down protected trees. What, exactly, are the protected trees you need to worry about? Every county has its own rules and regulations, and the city hall can help you identify if it's safe to remove the tree. While a phone call to the local government doesn't sound fun, it can help protect you from numerous liability issues that may come from removing the "wrong" tree. Examples of...

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18 Feb 2020

What Equipment Do Tree Pros Use?

Trees are such an important part of our world, and honestly, for us to survive. Trees are how we're able to breathe clean air. Forests actually removed around 1/3 of fossil fuel emissions from 1990 to 2007! Without trees, our air would be highly polluted and difficult for us to breathe in. While many of us know the importance of trees, few know who is responsible for caring for them. Well, wonder no more! We're going to talk about the professionals who are in charge of caring for our trees, AKA, arborists. To learn more about what an arborist is AKA "tree pros", what they do, and the tools they use, keep reading! What is an Arborist? An arborist is a person who specializes in the care of trees. This person is trained in the science and art that goes into caring for trees. These professionals must pass an exam and gain a certification to practice as an arborist. Arborists are often known as, "tree pros" as well. Why Are Tree Pros Necessary? We may not realize it since our trees are a visual aspect of our homes, but they actually require quite a bit of care and maintenance. From removal to pruning, it's important to have professionals who know how to make trees look attractive. Aside from aesthetic reasons, having people who know the science behind trees is important for safety reasons. If a tree is dead and on the verge of falling over, an arborist can make that discovery and then...

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20 Jan 2020
Save a Tree - Venice, FL

7 Ways to Deal With a Dying Tree

Watching a tree die is painful. Often, trees share in the history of their property owners—in the shade your children play, their branches become playhouses, and their fruit delights us at harvest time. So, it's not surprising that watching such a landmark of time and growth would sadden you, and that you want to do what you can to save it from its fate. Luckily, if your tree is looking a little down, there are a few things you can do to try and save it. Here are seven ways to save a tree in Venice, Florida. Let's dive in! 1. Identify a Dying Tree Before you can start the rescue mission, you need to identify why your tree is ill. Just like a doctor, you have to recognize the symptoms and potential causes and find a cure for them. Some symptoms of a dying tree are: Deadwood: Branches are easy to break as they're incredibly dry Cracks: This can be hard to identify as some cracks are normal and healthy, but when your tree starts to split in a way that affects its structure, you might be looking at a dying tree Decay: This can be hard to spot as it often begins on the inside of the tree You should also watch out for poor structure. This is the case when trees lean heavily to one side and seem unstable. It can also be caused by a storm or too much pressure on the branches over a prolonged time. 2. Correct Your...

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17 Dec 2019
Tree Removal - Venice, FL

Hiring a Tree Removal Company

How your lawn looks can really make or break the beauty of your home. If it's overgrown with trees, it'll not only look bad but it could also be dangerous. Old, rotted trees are prone to falling over or losing heavy limbs that could damage your home. Not to mention, when hurricane season comes around, you're going to want to minimize the possibility that debris will crash through the windows or that an old tree will topple onto the entire house. Are you thinking about removing one or more trees from your lawn? Keep reading to find out what to look for when you hire a tree removal company in Venice, FL. 1. Compare and Contrast Reviews When hiring a tree removal service, the first thing you'll want to do is look up reviews of companies online. Word of mouth has always been a powerful and reliable way to find the best businesses. Now, with the internet, you can look over the opinions of numerous people on different review sites. Of course, you shouldn't base your assessment of a business on one review. You should read three or four reviews at least and then compare them with the reviews of other businesses. 2. Ask Friends and Family for Suggestions The downside to online reviews is that you don't know the people who are writing them. It's true that most people wouldn't go out of their way to leave a phony review, but in case you want a recommendation you can put even more...

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25 Nov 2019
Tree Removal Permits - Venice, FL

Tree Removal Regulations

Did you now that in some places, you can face prison terms for illegally cutting down a tree? Granted, the chance that you will go to jail is very slim, and this law does not come into play everywhere. However, it gives one an idea of how careful you need to be when planning to remove trees. As Florida contains 22 of America's 25 cities most threatened by rising sea levels and climate change, Floridan authorities are anything but lax when it comes to tree protection policies. In Venice, FL, removing trees without a tree removal permit can cost you substantially in fines. To avoid this scenario, read on and find out everything you need to know about tree removal permits for Venice Island. The Laws Around the Removal of Trees in Venice, FL If you are seeing the signs that it's time remove a tree, and are wondering 'can I cut down my own tree?'—yes you can. However, depending on the size of the tree, you might need to apply for a tree permit. The tree laws in Venice Island are governed by Sarasota County law which stipulates that the removal of trees with a trunk diameter greater than 4 1/2 inches at breast height requires an application for a permit. In addition, in general, all palms require a permit for removal. Nuisance species of plants such as Malalueca (punk trees) and Australian pine do not attract fees, however, you are still required to apply for a permit. The one exception to these laws is citrus trees...

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10 Oct 2019
Tree Removal - Venice, FL

5 Tell Tale Tree Removal Signs

Trees can live an incredibly long time—some may live over 4,000 years! But as with any living being, there comes a time when a tree enters the final stage of life. Some people may not realize when a tree is dying, which can be dangerous because when a tree dies the branches and even the entire tree can collapse. That's why it's important to recognize the common signs that a tree in your yard needs to be removed. Here are the tell-tale signs that you need tree removal in Venice, FL so you can keep your home and your family safe from a falling tree. 1. You Notice Fungi at the Base of the Trunk Have you noticed fungi, such as mushrooms, growing at the base of the tree trunk? You may not think anything of it, as seeing mushrooms growing around a yard is relatively normal. But when you see this growth appear at the base of a tree, it's a bad sign. This is because fungi grow when the roots of the tree are rotting. Your tree is in the process of decaying and, unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to save the tree once this process has started. When the roots start decaying, the rest of the tree will be quick to follow, making it unstable and a danger to your home. When you notice fungi pop up, it's time to call a tree removal service. It's also important to treat this problem right away to prevent the fungi from...

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22 Sep 2019
Tree Maintenance

What to know about Tree Maintenance in Venice, Florida

The state of Florida is home to hundreds of variety of trees. And with the region's temperate climate this generally makes for a welcoming environment, too. However, the state is no stranger to wild weather with the regular threat of gale-force winds caused by off-shore hurricanes, some of which make it to land, too. This is why regular maintenance of the trees in your yard is paramount. Not only for safety during bouts of stormy weather but the overall aesthetic of your home. Here's what you expect from a professional tree service in Venice, Fl. Calling in the Professionals: An Expert Tree Service in Venice, Fl Tree pruning is a job that's best left to professionals. Sure, you can do it yourself. But an expert tree service knows exactly what to look for in terms of potential dangers around your yard. And they also have an eye for detail in order to keep your yard in top shape. When it comes to hiring a tree service professional, there are few key considerations to remember. First, they must be certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). This means they have been properly trained as an arborist and have the necessary skill you'd expect from a professional. Make sure to check for their proof of worker's compensation. As well as all necessary permits and licenses to operate in the state of Florida. Don't be shy when asking for references and comparing arborist's quotes. You are under no obligation to settle on the first proposal you are...

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