Trimming Tools

Tree Trimming Tools: What Are They and How Are They Used?

Tree trimming is so essential for growing healthy trees that the tree trimming industry is worth a staggering $26 billion. Giving your trees routine maintenance by trimming them on a regular basis is vital to taming rogue and dangerous branches and keeping trees in good shape. Now, if you were to start trimming trees, what tree trimming tools would you use? There is a wide array of trimming tools out there, all of which have specific uses. Some of them are safe to use at home, while others are better left to a professional tree trimming service. Let's look at some common tree trimming tools and how they're used. Pole Tree Pruners Tree pruners are some of the most important tree trimming tools because they'll keep you from dangerous situations. When pruning back high tree limbs, keeping your feet on the ground is incredibly important because it assures your safety. Tree pruners are designed with a curved head and two blades that make it possible to efficiently cut limbs or branches from the ground. For most homeowners, these tree trimming tools are quite tricky to use because they need to be carefully hooked to cut branches. Additionally, they are designed with a rope that needs to be pulled on to operate the second blade, which ultimately cuts the branches. The operation motions require, and the height at which you may have to operate means hiring a professional tree trimming service may be a better option. Tree Cutting Saws There are several...

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