6 Signs It’s Time to Remove a Tree From Your Yard

Trees add shade, natural beauty, and value to your home, but eventually, they reach the end of their lifespan. If you're concerned about a tree in your yard, it might be time to consult a professional tree removal company. Read on for a list of six signs it's time to remove a tree, and why you may want to consider having it taken off your property. 1. The Tree's Trunk is Compromised If the trunk of a tree is in trouble, it can cause serious problems for the tree as a whole. Sometimes, an issue with the tree trunk is not always apparent or easily visible to the naked eye. Many trees can keep living for several years, even if the trunk shows signs of distress. However, if it's decaying, the entire tree could collapse entirely, and often this happens unexpectedly. If you notice things like splitting, cracks, or "wounds" in the trunk or the rest of the tree, it could be time to remove it. Internal decay means that the tree is rotting from the inside, and it could fall onto your home during a storm or on a windy day. Look carefully at the trunk to help you determine if you need to remove a tree. 2. Remove a Tree if You See Signs of Infection Trees are vulnerable to a variety of diseases, pests, and infections. The type of severity of the infection often depends on where you live, your climate, and the age of the tree. One...

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