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Tree Cabling Pros and Cons – Is It Right For Your Tree?

Watching a beloved tree die can be heart-wrenching, especially if it's been with you for years. Whether the tree was just too old or is going to fall to its death, seeing this tragedy play out can be painful — for multiple reasons. But with tree cabling, you might be able to have significantly more time with your tree. Or you might prevent an inevitable tragedy from causing so much collateral damage. Either way, tree cabling is a reliable and advanced tree maintenance solution. It's also one that homeowners have trusted for years. So keep reading to understand tree cabling pros and cons. We'll let you know why you might need it, why you might not, and what you should expect from a cabling appointment. Pros Tree cabling has been used for decades to address trees' unfortunately limited lifespans. So if you're tempted, read on to ensure that tree cabling meets your specific tree maintenance needs. Longer Lifespan The main reason people use tree cabling is to preserve their trees. If you're particularly fond of a tree on your property tree for sentimental reasons, cabling could help it stay on your property for longer. This is the main and primary reason people choose tree cabling and bracing. So if there's a tree that's of particular sentimental value to you, tree cabling can let it thrive for longer. Safety Leaning trees are a recipe for disaster, both for legal and safety reasons. They can fall and threaten homes and their occupants, and with potentially...

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