When to Prune Pine Trees: A Guide on Pine Pruning Cycles and Practices

When everything appears dead and desolate, there’s one tree that remains full of life. Pine trees are incredibly tough trees that sport their lively green needles year-round. People love pine for the splash of color it adds to the landscape and the shade they provide during the summer months. Like with any tree, pine trees also need a little maintenance. The key to keeping these trees healthy and great-looking is knowing how to properly care for them. Do you want to keep your pine trees looking great all year round? Here’s everything you need to know about how and when to prune pine trees. Identifying Pine Trees Pines come in several forms including trees and shrubs. There are over 100 different pine tree species around the globe. They have a woody appearance with lots of dense needle-covered branches. These waxy needle-shaped leaves are a deep green when healthy and turn bright orange when they die. Many pine trees feature a signature cone shape that helps the branches bear the weight of the snow during the winter months. Each year, healthy pine trees will grow a ring of new branches at the top of the tree. These sturdy trees thrive in colder climates and soils with few nutrients. You’ll find pine trees almost exclusively in the northern hemisphere. Pines have thick bark that helps protect their woody tissue in the event of a forest fire. The paper and timber industries use pine trees for construction and paper. If you visit some of the forests...

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