5 Signs You Need To Remove a Palm Tree

You can't live in Florida without seeing a palm tree almost every day. Even if you don't have one on your own property, you're going to see them somewhere else close by. Did you know they are over 2,500 species of palm trees? That's right! Palm trees range in size and hardiness. Although there's even a species of palm tree that can survive in Alaska, the palm tree is quite popular in Florida and a wonderful option for many home and business owners. As beautiful as these trees are, there can come a time when palm tree removal is needed because the tree no longer brings value to your property. If you find yourself debating if you should consider palm tree stump removal, then you'll need to know all of the signs point to removal as the best option. In this guide, there are 5 signs you need palm tree removal. Continue reading to find all the information you need to make a final decision. 1. It's Infested With Pests There are going to be insects and other critters on your tree. Bugs live outside and will therefore find their way to the palm tree. Spotting a bug here and there on your tree is normal. What's not normal is a tree infested with pests. What's the difference between a normal insect climbing on your tree and an infestation of pests? There are specific insects that tend to infest and slowly kill palm trees, and those are the ones you need to...

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