26 May 2021
pruning a tree

What to Expect During the Tree Removal Process

Hazard trees are responsible for countless injuries and many deaths per year in the United States. If you have identified a hazard tree on your property you need to take appropriate tree removal action. For that, you will need to find the right tree removal company. Sometimes companies that specialize in things like lawn care and lawn maintenance also provide a tree removal service. Other times you need to seek out the services of a dedicated arborist or tree removal company. Read on to learn what to expect during the tree removal process. Finding the Right Tree Removal Company The first step in getting rid of that monster snag in your backyard is to do adequate research about a variety of different tree removal companies. Doing research implies a bit more than Google searching "tree removal near me." Preferably your candidates will be professional arborists. This means that they are certified, trained, and educated on how to take care of trees. It's okay if your candidates aren't specialized arborists, but don't expect them to be able to take on the specific types of jobs arborists can do. After reviewing your candidate's qualifications you should consult some online reviews about them to get some public opinion about their reputation. Many past and present customers will have something to say about each of your candidates. Make sure to scroll past any fake reviews and only value the ones from actual people who include their full name. If your candidates have a bevy of positive...

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24 Apr 2021
oak tree

Oak Tree Trimming: When, Why, and How to Do It

A simple guide to trimming your oak and keeping your tree healthy and thriving.  Unless you are an arborist, the thought of trimming the oak tree in your yard could be daunting. How to start, what to look for, and what could go wrong are just a few of the questions you may have. Worrying about your safety and the health and safety of your tree is common and appropriate. An untrained trimmer could cause irreparable damage during the oak tree trimming. This guide can help you understand what makes an oak tree special, as well as the when's, why's, and how-to's, to make your oak tree the envy of the neighborhood. What is an Oak Tree? To start, get to know your tree a little. What is referred to as the common oak tree, is actually a member of the beech family, Fagaceae. One of over 600 varieties worldwide in fact. They prefer a northern temperate zone. Though in the tropics they can be found at high altitudes. Frequently a mature oak can grow as much as 30-40 meters. With a spread diameter anywhere from 25-45 meters. If properly maintained, a simple oak tree can live for 100-300 years. And produce about 10 million acorns during its lifetime. All the more reason to keep your oak tree healthy and strong. Why Trim an Oak Tree? A wild, unkempt oak tree can cause a property owner a myriad of problems. Dead and diseased branches are in constant danger of falling off. Dead branches can...

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29 Mar 2021

When to Prune Pine Trees: A Guide on Pine Pruning Cycles and Practices

When everything appears dead and desolate, there’s one tree that remains full of life. Pine trees are incredibly tough trees that sport their lively green needles year-round. People love pine for the splash of color it adds to the landscape and the shade they provide during the summer months. Like with any tree, pine trees also need a little maintenance. The key to keeping these trees healthy and great-looking is knowing how to properly care for them. Do you want to keep your pine trees looking great all year round? Here’s everything you need to know about how and when to prune pine trees. Identifying Pine Trees Pines come in several forms including trees and shrubs. There are over 100 different pine tree species around the globe. They have a woody appearance with lots of dense needle-covered branches. These waxy needle-shaped leaves are a deep green when healthy and turn bright orange when they die. Many pine trees feature a signature cone shape that helps the branches bear the weight of the snow during the winter months. Each year, healthy pine trees will grow a ring of new branches at the top of the tree. These sturdy trees thrive in colder climates and soils with few nutrients. You’ll find pine trees almost exclusively in the northern hemisphere. Pines have thick bark that helps protect their woody tissue in the event of a forest fire. The paper and timber industries use pine trees for construction and paper. If you visit some of the forests...

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23 Feb 2021

5 Signs You Need To Remove a Palm Tree

You can't live in Florida without seeing a palm tree almost every day. Even if you don't have one on your own property, you're going to see them somewhere else close by. Did you know they are over 2,500 species of palm trees? That's right! Palm trees range in size and hardiness. Although there's even a species of palm tree that can survive in Alaska, the palm tree is quite popular in Florida and a wonderful option for many home and business owners. As beautiful as these trees are, there can come a time when palm tree removal is needed because the tree no longer brings value to your property. If you find yourself debating if you should consider palm tree stump removal, then you'll need to know all of the signs point to removal as the best option. In this guide, there are 5 signs you need palm tree removal. Continue reading to find all the information you need to make a final decision. 1. It's Infested With Pests There are going to be insects and other critters on your tree. Bugs live outside and will therefore find their way to the palm tree. Spotting a bug here and there on your tree is normal. What's not normal is a tree infested with pests. What's the difference between a normal insect climbing on your tree and an infestation of pests? There are specific insects that tend to infest and slowly kill palm trees, and those are the ones you need to...

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21 Jan 2021

The Do’s and Don’ts of Tree Stump Grinding

Are you tired of looking at the same old tree stump in your backyard or front yard? Are you having a hard time finding a tree removal service that also provides tree stump grinding? If so, then you need to learn a bit more about the process. Doing so can save you valuable time and protect the integrity of your yard. Rather than letting the stump sit stagnantly and become a safety hazard, you can get rid of them safely and effectively. See below for several do's and don'ts of tree stump grinding and why they are so important to follow. Do: Contact a Professional Tree Stump Grinding Service To remove a tree stump the right way, you have to have the proper tools. These tools far beyond what most common homeowners have available to them. This includes things like a chainsaw, heavy-duty machinery, chainsaws, a stump grinder, and a team of trained professionals to operate them all. Attempting the job yourself can lead to serious injury and might not get the job done in the first place. For those of you thinking you'll remove the tree stump by hand, think again. Depending on the tree and its age, the roots could go as far down as 20 feet deep. While that's a rarity, most tree roots still average to be several feet deep and wide. That can quickly turn into a weekend-long project by hand. Instead, have it finished in only a few hours with a professional service. They'll...

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