How Tree Cabling Can Help Save Your Trees

Did you know that every 1.2 seconds, humans destroy a football pitch worth of forest area? While we can't single-handly stop this level of destruction, we can preserve the trees on our personal properties so they can continue to clean the atmosphere and regulate the environment. Sometimes, however, we have a tree in our yard that looks like it might not make it—or needs to be cut down for safety reasons. Fortunately, you can often save these trees with tree cabling. If you care about your trees, whether for environmental purposes or just because you love what they add to your property, then you need to know about tree cabling. Otherwise, you might lose a tree that could have been saved, or experience unnecessary damage to your property. Are you curious to know what tree cabling is and how it can save trees and property from damage? If yes, keep reading as we share everything you need to know about tree cabling. Tree Cabling Gives Support to Compromised Branches One of the most common uses of tree cabling is to provide support to compromised branches. Sometimes, tree branches get so big; their sheer weight puts them in danger of craking away from the truck. When this happens, they come crashing down, often ripping bark off and endangering the tree's truck. Besides this, overly heavy branches also put your home, yard, and everyone in it at risk. If a large branch falls on a member of your family or your roof, it can bring severe consequences. To...

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