Tree Removal

10 Questions to Ask Your Arborist

You've watched the growth over the course of 20 years. From a sapling to a grand oak tree, you've looked to the tree in your backyard as a sort of clock. It was planted when your family moved into the home, and it was 10 feet tall when you're daughter started 5th grade. Now, you notice how it takes up most of the backyard as she packs up for college. You also notice that the tree doesn't look as full as it usually does, and you're concerned. You need to call an arborist to come and check it out. Below are 10 questions you need to ask your arborist when you hire them. Make sure you keep scrolling to find out more. 1. Do You Have Any References? Keeping a tree alive may sound simple to some, but it's a big task to handle. Because trees add so much value to a home, you'll need to find a certified arborist with plenty of references to back them up. Don't be afraid to dig into their references. You can also hop online and read any reviews. A review can tell you a lot about them. Dead trees can cause damage. Avoid this situation by hiring someone you and past customers can trust. 2. Can You Give Me an Honest Quote? It can be hard to tell by yourself how much work needs to be done in order to save your trees. Save yourself from a guessing game and ask your arborist...

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