26 Aug 2019
Tree Removal

Hiring a Tree Removal Service

There are over 180,000 tree-trimming businesses in the US. You may have broken limbs, an overgrown tree, or an old tree that needs to get removed. Tree trimming and removal can be dangerous and involves lowering heavy pieces of wood shock-loads, ropes, and pullies. It is critical that your company be properly licensed and prepared. A legitimate tree removal service will bring the right equipment and insurance. This is not a job for your local handyman. What should you look for before hiring a tree service in Venice, FL? Let's take a look. Licensing Because of the danger of tree removal, it is important that your tree removal service is licensed. While no formal license is required in Florida, licensing may be required for certain services, such as applying pesticides. Sarasota County is in the process of revising its Code of Ordinances regarding trees. Contact them for more information. Sarasota County currently requires tree permits for tree removal or relocation. They are also required for pruning or injury to trees in a Canopy Road Protection Zone or Right-of-Way, or for planting trees within the Right-of-Way. You will need to apply for an environmental permit before doing any work. Insurance Your company should have insurance in case an employee gets injured while on your property. It also protects you from a lawsuit in case anything happens while the company is cutting down trees. Liability insurance will protect your company in case there is any damage to your property or possessions. Worker's compensation insurance will cover any employees' injuries or lost income....

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04 Aug 2019
Tree Removal - Venice, FL

DIY Tree Removal Hazards

Do you need a tree removed? Are you unsure if you can do it yourself? DIY tree removal is a risky business. There are a wide number of dangers that can only be avoided with knowledge and experience. But, do you know the real dangers of DIY? If you are looking for the right way to take down a tree in Venice, Florida, keep reading for the dangers you face and the ways a professional can help you avoid them. The Most Common Dangers of DIY Tree Removal DIY tree cutting relies on your personal knowledge and experience in tree removal. If you're living in Venice, Florida, and you're inexperienced with tree removal you face a variety of dangers from disabled ladders to falling limbs. Let's explore the most common dangers of doing it yourself. Improper Equipment The first pitfall of DIY tree removal depends on the ladder you use. If you aren't at the proper height you risk being over-leveraged by large branches. You will need a ladder that is specialized for tree removal to get started. Many trees growing in Venice, Florida, can reach above 50 feet. Trees at this height can pose a major threat to your home unless you have the right tools. In gist, you run the risk of injury if you don't have a ladder that exceeds the height of branches by 3 feet. A professional service is better equipped to avoid this potential mistake. Next, unless you have the right tree cutting tools you are at risk of seriously...

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