25 Jul 2019
Tree Trimming Venice FL

7 Benefits of Tree Trimming

Have you recently been debating if tree trimming is right for you? You might be considering professional tree trimming in Venice, Florida for the sole reason of adding beauty to your yard. This is a great reason to have your tree trimmed, however, it's not the only benefit that comes along with the service. Tree trimming in Venice, Florida has several benefits, and it's ideal to know about each and every one of them. Doing so will help you make your final decision if tree trimming is right for you or not. Ready to learn about all these wonderful benefits? Continue reading below to find out more! 1. Promotes Good Health Did you know that tree trimming in Venice, Florida actually promotes good health for your tree? It does! When a tree's branches begin to show signs of weakness or decay, it's always best to trim them off the tree. Even if a weak branch doesn't show signs of decay, chances are it'll soon become decayed. If proper tree trimming in Venice, Florida isn't done to trim down these types of branches, then you're leaving your tree susceptible to the growth of decay throughout its entire structure. Trim these branches are you're also trimming off the possibility of spreading disease. Professionals will know which branches to trim and which ones to remove to promote a healthy tree. 2. Detects Warning Signs Just as the professionals will know which branches to trim or cut down that show signs of decay, they'll also be able...

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19 Jul 2019
Pine Trees

Time for Trimming Pine Trees?

Pine trees are beautiful and provide your home with additional shade and a natural look. But these tall trees likely need occasional trimming, too. Good tree maintenance is important both for your safety and for the health of the tree. If you have these trees in your yard, how do you know when it's time for trimming pine trees? Read on to learn more so you won't get surprised later on. Pine Tree Facts Before we dig in, let's get to learn a little bit more about the pine tree. These trees are a type of evergreen, which means that they are constantly growing new leaves all year round. Pine trees have needle-like leaves (think Christmas trees) with seed-bearing cones, and they generally need less pruning than deciduous trees. In general, you really only need to trim them to remove dead or damaged branches. When you trim the branches, it encourages new growth and the tree will grow fuller and healthier. Unless the tree is falling over, the ideal time to trim them is either in late winter or early spring. If you time the trimming incorrectly, it can hurt the tree's development. It may also kill your pine trees, which is why timing is everything. Summer and spring trimming or pruning is best since it is the tree's dormant season. This is the best time of year to trim since it helps to cut down on bark beetle infestation. Bark beetles are attracted to the wounds created by fresh pruning. Make...

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