Home Insurance and Fallen Trees

Your home is meant to be a haven from the world — a place where you can feel safe and secure. Yet, it's all an illusion, unfortunately. There is no literal force protecting you, your family, and your house from the dangers outside. All there is are the things you do to prepare your home against the world. Fallen trees are one of the most common kinds of dangers people should prepare for. Although they may make spectacular decorations for your yard, trees can pose serious threats. For example, a rotted tree may lose its structural integrity, making it easy for the wind to tip it over. Yet, a tree doesn't need to be rotted for it be capable of inflicting serious damage. And sometimes, you may not be covered when fallen trees damage your property. Just because you may have homeowner's insurance doesn't mean you're definitely protected from the damage a falling tree can cause. People plant trees believing that they will grow to be strong, standing protectors of their homes. Yet, trees can easily hurt your home. Keep reading below to learn what your insurance may or may not do about a fallen tree. Your Home Is Where You Put down Roots Your house is more than just a building where you keep all of your stuff. It's where you keep the things and the people you love, with the expectation that they will be protected. And to protect the thing that protects your loved ones, you should take out homeowner's...

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