24 Apr 2019
Midge Fly

The Midge Fly Nuisance

It's probably happened to your before -- you're setting up the grill and your guests are gathered to eat and socialize. The sun is setting and the weather is perfect. But some unwanted guests have decided to crash the party, swarming everyone's heads as they try to eat, some even biting and leaving itchy welts on arms and legs. No, they aren't mosquitos, what you've got on your hands is a swarm of midges, and Florida is full of them. But what is a midge? Are they infectious? And what can you do to keep them away from your property? Read on to learn more: What is a Midge? Midges, or blind mosquitos as they are often called, are a common insect that lives near both natural and artificial water systems. They are very common in Florida where the weather is warm and humid and the water sources are plentiful. There are four stages of life for midges: the egg, the larva, the pupa, and the adult. Bodies of water that are high in algae counts and nutrients are very inviting to midges. You'll often find large populations of them near lakes and ponds, in residential lakes, and in wastewater channels. Midges are not unlike mosquitos in that they both seek out blood meals and inviting sites for egg incubation. They also enjoy nectar and plant sap, so areas with lots of trees and flowers can attract them in higher numbers. Pets, livestock, and people also draw midges due to...

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12 Apr 2019
Falling Down

Tree Falling Down? Need Professional Help?

You’ve probably seen the iconic image of a tree falling with a lumberjack shouting, “Timber!” While that’s all fine and dandy in the forest, it’s not quite the same when the tree is anywhere near your property. If a tree on your property is showing warning signs of falling down, it’s your responsibility to take note and take action. Falling trees can cause serious damage to your house, vehicle or family member. If you're worried about the possibility of your tree falling down, keep an eye out for these signs. If you notice them, you might need a professional's help. Timber Danger Before it crashes onto your home or car, learn how to spot a dangerous tree and what to do about it Each year, falling branches and trees cause serious injury, death and huge amounts of loss in damages. If you do have a risky tree in your garden, it’s possible for strong winds from a tornado, hurricane or thunderstorm could cause the tree to topple onto your roof. Keep in mind that tearing a tree down isn’t always the best option. While trees can undoubtedly cause severe damage, they also add a huge amount of value to your home. Just one big tree can add thousands to the value of your property and can save you hundreds of dollars on air conditioning. In addition, a tree adds beauty and value to your garden and your quality of life in general. Because of this, it’s essential to seek expertise...

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