Pruning Palm Trees

Palm Tree Care: Tips for Potting, Planting, and Pruning Palm Trees in Englewood, FL

Have you thought about putting a palm tree in your garden? They can add a tropical touch but you shouldn't add them without considering all the work that goes into them. You can't just plant them and water them every once in a while. Palm trees can be a little picky in terms of temperature, soil, and planting. You also have to take special precaution during the winter or your trees won't make it. Does all of this sound a little overwhelming? Here are a few tips on potting, planning and pruning palm trees so you can successfully bring the tropics to your yard in Englewood, FL. 1. Soil The soil found in most areas in Englewood isn't the best for palm trees. That's why you'll need to buy your own. A lot of palm trees are picky when it comes to soil type but most species will thrive in alkaline or acid ground. On top of using the right soil, you'll also have to choose the right fertilizer because palm trees get all of their nutrients from the top of the soil. Lastly, make sure the soil has good drainage so the tree doesn't receive too much moisture. 2. Light Requirements Just like soil, palm trees are also choosy when it comes to light. Different trees have different requirements and it will be up to you to learn them. If you put one that prefers sun in the shade the plant will be weak and die over time. If you put...

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