What Is Mulch and What Does It Do for Your Property?

You have this beautiful landscaping around your property. But it's missing something. You need mulch to enhance the look of your property and provide your plants with some valuable benefits. 40 million cubic yards of mulch get spread over landscaping each year. What can it do for you? We are going to help you out with our 15 years of experience. Keep reading to have all your questions answered. What is mulch and how do you go about buying it? What Is Mulch? Mulch is the material that you spread on the ground around your landscaping. It enhances the look and also does good things to help your landscaping grow. The biggest thing it does is help the soil retain moisture. But it also suppresses weeds, insulates, and prevents erosion. Why You Need It Spreading mulch around your landscaping will help make everything look beautiful which increases the property's value. It also helps keep the ground moist. Moist soil means your plants are going to grow bigger and lusher. While it is in place it will help insulate the ground keeping it cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Then once it breaks down it adds nutrients to the soil. Garden Mulch Types Picking the right kind of mulch depends on where you plan to put the mulch and the plants you have as a part of your landscaping. You'll find that some mulches last longer than others, while some deposit more nutrients into the soil. Hardwood Hardwood mulch is...

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