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What You Need to Know About Grinding Stumps vs Removing Them

Dealing with a tree stump? Here's everything you need to know about grinding stumps and removing them. After a major storm or high winds, downed trees are a major hazard. Falling trees and branches can crush cars, homes, and people. To reduce the chances of damage, people often spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on tree care. Sometimes, though, the only answer is to completely remove the tree. Or maybe you're clearing some land to build. Tree trimming services might take down all the branches and cut the trunk to the ground. But what happens to the stump? You have a few choices: leaving them alone, removing stumps, or grinding stumps. Read on to learn more about your options. Stumps Are Natural So why bother removing them? They will eventually decompose, you think. Well, it is true. A stump will definitely decompose with the right amount of oxygen, moisture, and microbes. Eventually can mean a very long time. Often, it means a decade or more for very dense woods. In the meantime, you have an ugly lump of dead tree sticking out of your meticulous planting. It's going to take up space that you could be using for something else like a garden bed. Or maybe the stump isn't out of the way. In that case, you have an unappealing and dangerous bump in the middle of your lawn or walk. Maneuver around the stump at your own peril. If someone trips and falls, or worse, get injured when a...

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