11 Dec 2018
Dying Tree

5 Signs of a Dying Tree: When to Call for Help

Trees are certainly beautiful works of nature and can be a wonderful feature on your property. However, just as they are beautiful and life-bearing, they also have the potential to cause a lot of damage and even death. That means that it is critically important that you know when you're dealing with a healthy tree, a dying tree, and when it's time to call in the professionals. While the chances of being struck by a falling tree are pretty slim, the likelihood that a tree could fall and damage your home or property isn't. Happy and healthy trees not only bring joy to the people around to see them, but they also bring life-giving nutrients to the world around it. Doing your part to keep the trees around you healthy and alive is a wonderful contribution to the environment. We are going to take a look at five common signs of a dying tree and when it's a problem that can be ignored for the time being, or needs to be addressed right away. What Classifies a Dying Tree? If you and a professional were looking at the same tree, you might not be able to tell that the tree is dead, or well on its way. Unlike many other living things, trees don't just shrivel up and wither away when they die. Many trees that are standing tall today are already dead and have been for a while. This leads many to question what exactly classifies a tree as dead...

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12 Nov 2018
Tree Trimming

Things to Consider About Tree Trimming Services in Venice

How often should you trim your trees? How much does it cost? Take a look at this guide to learn what you should consider about tree trimming services. We love them when they bloom, or when their leaves turn colors in early autumn. Yet, there comes a time when even the most majestic trees need a little trim. Sure, you could just hire anyone on the spot to take care of the process. However, incorrectly trimming a tree could severely damage it or even kill it. That's why it pays to do your research. If you're in need of tree trimming services, there are a few things to consider. Understanding where to look, who to talk to and which criteria to require can make all the difference in choosing a qualified team. Whether they're on your personal or commercial property, you shouldn't trust just anyone with your trees. Consult this comprehensive guide so you know what to expect before you sign on the dotted line. Ready to learn more? Let's get started. When to Trim Your Trees The ideal time of year to trim your trees depends on why you want them cut back, or pruned, in the first place. Are you just looking to lightly prune a few small, low-lying branches? Have you noticed some unsightly dead wood that you want to get rid of? If so, these are often tasks that you can handle on your own, at any time of year. Yet, if you're looking to more...

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11 Oct 2018

What Is Mulch and What Does It Do for Your Property?

You have this beautiful landscaping around your property. But it's missing something. You need mulch to enhance the look of your property and provide your plants with some valuable benefits. 40 million cubic yards of mulch get spread over landscaping each year. What can it do for you? We are going to help you out with our 15 years of experience. Keep reading to have all your questions answered. What is mulch and how do you go about buying it? What Is Mulch? Mulch is the material that you spread on the ground around your landscaping. It enhances the look and also does good things to help your landscaping grow. The biggest thing it does is help the soil retain moisture. But it also suppresses weeds, insulates, and prevents erosion. Why You Need It Spreading mulch around your landscaping will help make everything look beautiful which increases the property's value. It also helps keep the ground moist. Moist soil means your plants are going to grow bigger and lusher. While it is in place it will help insulate the ground keeping it cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Then once it breaks down it adds nutrients to the soil. Garden Mulch Types Picking the right kind of mulch depends on where you plan to put the mulch and the plants you have as a part of your landscaping. You'll find that some mulches last longer than others, while some deposit more nutrients into the soil. Hardwood Hardwood mulch is...

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09 Sep 2018
Tree Stump

The Guide to Removing Tree Stumps

Why do trees never tell jokes? Because they're afraid of being stumped! Tree remains are a major hazard and liability. Every day lawyers are filing liability claims for injuries caused by tree stumps. One great example is a recent case that happened in New York. A 50-year-old Brooklyn woman was out for a walk. While passing the front of an apartment building she tripped over a tree stump. The fall caused her to break several bones in her hand that required surgery. The fall also caused her to develop nerve damage and reflex sympathetic dystrophy. The woman's lawyers were able to sue the city for a six-figure settlement. You can avoid injuries and liability claims by removing tree stumps. This guide provides you with an in-depth explanation of the different removal methods. We'll also explain which method provides the most effective, fast-acting results. Why You Need a Professional for Removing Tree Stumps Tree services are complex and certain jobs can take a day or longer to complete. Hiring a professional will help keep you save from overexertion. We recommend finding a professional who specializes in stump grinding. Stump grinding should always be done by a trained safety professional. In addition to being trained, they need the proper insurance coverage. Should your property become damaged, they need to pay for the repairs. You can go one step further in protecting your assets by requiring they carry workers compensation insurance. This way if a crew member becomes injured you won't be held...

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16 Aug 2018
Brazilian Pepper

Why The Brazilian Pepper Is Bad News for Floridians

Brazilian Pepper trees may look pretty but they can be harmful to the environment. Here are reasons this invasive plant needs to be removed right away. It was intended to serve as an ornamental accent. Yet, in the years since the Brazilian pepper tree was introduced into the state of Florida, it's wreaked havoc on its residents. It also shows no sign of slowing down. With its bright red berries and shiny green foliage, the tree makes for ideal holiday decor. However, don't be fooled by its cheerfulness. This plant might be beautiful but its effects are anything but. Causing issues ranging from skin irritation to habitat destruction, the Brazilian pepper tree is quick-growing and difficult to contain. As such, the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council has added it to its list of invasive species. Ready to learn more about this plant, the damage its causing and the steps being taken to mitigate the issues. What is the Brazilian Pepper Tree? The Brazilian pepper tree is also known as the Florida Holly or the Christmasberry tree. Though its name is similar to that of the black pepper plant, the tree doesn't contain actual pepper. It comes from the family of flowering plants known as Anacardiaceae, also called the cashew or sumac family. Its species name is Schinus terebinthifolius. During the late fall and winter months, it reveals clusters of small, red berries. Then, as the temperatures warm up, small white and yellow flowers spray from its branches. The plant is...

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11 Jul 2018
Destruction of trees for the needs of mankind lead to environmental disaster

What You Need to Know About Grinding Stumps vs Removing Them

Dealing with a tree stump? Here's everything you need to know about grinding stumps and removing them. After a major storm or high winds, downed trees are a major hazard. Falling trees and branches can crush cars, homes, and people. To reduce the chances of damage, people often spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on tree care. Sometimes, though, the only answer is to completely remove the tree. Or maybe you're clearing some land to build. Tree trimming services might take down all the branches and cut the trunk to the ground. But what happens to the stump? You have a few choices: leaving them alone, removing stumps, or grinding stumps. Read on to learn more about your options. Stumps Are Natural So why bother removing them? They will eventually decompose, you think. Well, it is true. A stump will definitely decompose with the right amount of oxygen, moisture, and microbes. Eventually can mean a very long time. Often, it means a decade or more for very dense woods. In the meantime, you have an ugly lump of dead tree sticking out of your meticulous planting. It's going to take up space that you could be using for something else like a garden bed. Or maybe the stump isn't out of the way. In that case, you have an unappealing and dangerous bump in the middle of your lawn or walk. Maneuver around the stump at your own peril. If someone trips and falls, or worse, get injured when a...

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15 May 2018
Tree Removal Services

10 Major Signs You Need to Get Tree Removal Services

You might not pay much attention to your trees, but that can be a bad thing. Take a look at these ten signs you need to get tree removal services. Trees can seem like a rather benign part of nature. They are stately and beautiful, provide shade from the hot sun, and are generally delightful to have around. In fact, without trees, we wouldn't have the oxygen that we need to breathe as they perform the life-giving function of oxygen production. But trees have a sinister side as well. Did you know that trees are responsible for killing around a hundred people every year? Of course, that's a pretty low statistic. You shouldn't lay awake at night worrying about death by tree. It's probably never going to happen. But you should be aware of the dangers of falling trees and limbs. As a responsible homeowner, you want to make sure that your trees are well maintained and safe. Even if they don't fall on someone and kill them they can fall on your house, or your neighbor's house, and cause thousands of dollars in damage. But how do you know when you need tree removal services? Let's take a look at 10 of the most common signs. 1. Your Roof Is Dirty Trees near your house are nice to have for the welcome shade they provide in the summer. They help to keep your house cool and the cost of your energy bills down. However, there is one not so...

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17 Feb 2018
Leaning Tree

Is that Leaning Tree Dangerous? Signs You Need Help

Trees provide a multitude of benefits to a property. You may enjoy them for their functionality or aesthetics. You certainly enjoy that they bring up property values as much as 19 percent. In addition to the property values, they contribute in other financial ways. A tree built on the wayward side of a house provide as much as 12 percent reduction to energy bills. Trees provide activities for children, homes for birds, and clean the air. But a leaning tree puts all of that at risk. Not all tree damage or leaning is the same. Read this guide to learn everything you need to separate a safe tree from one that requires you to call a tree service. Leaning Tree Red Flags It is rare that one single indicator provides conclusive evidence of a problem. Systems tend to be complicated and take higher levels of knowledge to sort and categorize. The more complex the system, the more knowledge required. Living organisms, especially the large ones, bring in a further complication of self-regulation. In other words, you need to both be able to identify damage to a tree and to know the limits of the tree's self-repair systems. To begin you need to identify a tree species if unknown using online guides. Not all tree species function the same. If you are in Englewood, FL coniferous pine trees native to Oregon won't self-repair like a palm or citrus tree. This guide will start at the bottom and work upwards. We'll indicate the bigger dangers from the slower growing concerns....

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