11 Apr 2017

Herbicides & Invasive Vegetation

The picture in this blog is duckweed, a very common problem we see in Lake management along the west coast of Florida. Duckweed along with hydrilla cattails algae and other exotic vegetation can be easily controlled through a solid lake management program. Our licensed aquatic herbicide applicators will determine what the unwanted vegetation is and then determine an appropriate treatment plan. In the case of cattails may require manual cutting. No matter what the exotic vegetation problem is or whether it is located in Sarasota, Manatee or Charlotte County we can provide an appropriate plan.

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04 Apr 2017

Canal and Waterfront Clearing

Often times we meet customers who are not realizing the full potential of their waterfront property here in Southwest Florida. Many lots are overgrown with exotic species especially Brazilian peppers. In many cases when no mangrove trimming is required we do not need a state mangrove trimming permit. Regardless of the obstruction, Aquatic Consulting has solutions to open the view of the water and help any property realize it's full potential value. Let us pit our coastal and shoreline experience to work for you, we have many projects in our resume from South Gulf Cove to Manasota Key and beyond. We know the plants, the laws and the permitting agency regulations to help our customers see the water. Call Aquatic Consulting of Venice, FL today at 941-445-3027.

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01 Apr 2017

Mulching vs Land Clearing

We utilize forestry mulching to clear lots and acreage in numerous situations. The primary benefit is that mulching is economical, costing a fraction of traditional root rake and loader clearing. Mulching is beneficial in many applications including: areas of the property where no structure will be built, investment property for added value or to prepare for future development. By mulching the material on site we create a natural weed preventative and save money by not hauling large amounts of vegetation to a dump. In certain cases we can combine mulching with traditional clearing and prepare a lot for fill at a much lower cost than other purely land clearing contractors. Having both types of equipment allows us to offer the most cost effective lot and land clearing option to our customers. Call Aquatic Consulting of Venice, FL today at 941-445-3027 and tell us about your forestry mulching project.

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